Should I Clean My Own Gutters?

As the months and years pass, it’s only natural that gutters start to accumulate leaves, moss and other debris. If you’ve spotted that in your own gutters, you might think it’s time to get the ladder out. Read on as we discuss whether it’s the right thing to do.

Do your gutters need cleaning?

The first question to ask is whether your gutters need cleaning. In the majority of cases, the answer is yes. Quite simply, gutters need to be clean and clear to do their job – which is to guide rainwater towards the downpipes as it comes off your roof.

Leaves, twigs, moss and more can all create an obstruction, which causes water to overflow from your gutters. Once they’re wet, these obstructions become compact and add extra weight to your gutters that could cause sagging or cracks.

Alternatively, bits of dirt and grit can work into the joints of your gutters and create an opening. The result is water leaking out of your gutters and causing issues for your walls, or even the foundations of your property. To conclude – yes, gutters should be cleared out at least once a year.

Is it a DIY job?

The next issue is whether it’s something you can tackle yourself. Some will know it isn’t. Others might feel like a have-a-go hero. Unfortunately for the latter, we really don’t recommend anyone gets up on a ladder to clear their own gutters.


Even if you feel confident on a ladder, it’s another kettle of fish staying up there for longer periods to properly clear out gutters – and then going up and down to reach different spots. Gutter clearance should only be attempted by people with the right training for working at height, and health and safety at the forefront.

Avoiding damage

Going beyond your own safety, leaving gutter clearance to a professional team will avoid any damage to your property. Going it alone, your gutters could be damaged by the incorrect positioning of the ladder – or even worse, the impact of a slip.


Let’s not forget the main acid test for gutter clearance either. Compared to a professional team, you’ll never be able to achieve the best results. Experienced roofers will know how to get every last bit of debris out of your gutters, including any blockages in downpipes. They can even flush out with clean water following a good clean.


Finally, there’s the convenience. Even if you manage to get away unscathed, do a decent job and avoid any damage to your gutters, you’ve still had to be out in the cold, scooping mess out of your gutters. It’s not pleasant at all, which is yet another reason it’s not worth doing it yourself.

Professional gutter clearance

Using a reliable gutter clearance company provides safety, convenience and the best results. That’s exactly what we deliver at DPR Roofing. Whether it’s for a commercial or domestic property, you’ll get the same top-rate service that makes us the go-to guttering specialists for customers throughout Barnsley – and has done for over three decades.

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