Gutter Realignment: Everything You Need to Know

Gutter realignment is an important job for maintaining gutters that are loose, sagging or improperly pitched. It makes sure your gutters can continue to do their job and direct rainwater away from your property. In this post, we’ll discuss which gutters need realigning, how it’s done and whether it’s a job you can tackle yourself.

Do my gutters need realigning?

Gutters are essential to keep rainwater away from your walls as it falls from your roof. But to achieve that, they need to be properly aligned. That includes being in the right place to catch water as it runs off your roof.

They also need an even slope to guide rainwater towards the downpipe, and ultimately down the drain. Other than an inadequate slope, sagging gutters are also problematic, as they too will prevent rainwater from flowing freely towards the downpipe.

Your gutters will need realigning if they’re visibly uneven, sagging or coming away from the roof. You may also require realignment if you notice your gutters are overflowing, as poor alignment may be the underlying cause.

How to realign gutters

The steps for realigning gutters depend on what kind of alignment problem you’re dealing with. If it’s simply a slope issue, they’ll need to be removed and reattached with the right slope towards the downpipe. That involves taking the gutters out of their brackets, removing the brackets, then reinstalling them so the water flows correctly.

Similarly, if gutters are coming away from your roof and walls, the brackets will usually need reattaching with new fixings.

If you have sagging gutters, however, the problem might be a lack of brackets to support them. Sections of guttering that are too long will put extra pressure on the middle of the section, resulting in a sag or dip over time. In this case, additional brackets will need to be added as part of the realignment.

Alternatively, sagging could be caused by added weight from debris – in which case you’ll need to keep on top of gutter clearance once the realignment is complete.

Professional vs DIY

Gutter realignment sounds like a simple job. Because of that, many people think they can tackle it alone. However, getting gutter alignment just right is far from easy. Too steep and the water will rush into your downpipes and overflow from the top. Not steep enough and it will stay put or overflow from the gutters themselves in heavy rain.

On top of all that, it’s never advisable to be up on ladders without the right safety training. Even if you’re confident up there, it’s another kettle of fish trying to do precise work for long periods. Rather than risking your safety and getting frustrated with a trial-and-error approach, it’s better to leave gutter realignment to the professionals, who can get the positioning and slope just right.

Gutter realignment experts

At DPR Roofing, we have a wealth of experience installing and maintaining gutters throughout Barnsley. Operating locally for over 30 years, our team is best placed to identify what’s wrong with your gutters and, most importantly, put it right.

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