Commercial Property Checklist as Employees Return to Work

With the furlough scheme ending on 30th September, businesses will need to decide whether they’re making staff redundant or taking them back on. That means countless employees will be returning to their workplaces, which have been at low or no capacity for the majority of the past 18 months.

With that in mind, it’s paramount to make sure your commercial property is safe and functional. Read on for four key areas to check…

1. Roof

18 months is a long time for your roof. It’s had to endure two springs, two summers, a cold, harsh winter, and an autumn that included the UK’s wettest day on record. That all occurred without the usual workforce around to spot small issues developing.

When reopening your workplace at full capacity, be sure to get your roof professionally inspected before arranging any necessary repairs. It will ensure your factory, warehouse, office or shop is safe for the return of staff (and potentially customers), as well as preventing further damage developing from water ingress.

2. Gutters

Not a million miles from your roof, your gutters are another area which could require some care and attention after a period of inactivity. Autumn in particular will have been problematic for your guttering, with leaves and other debris being blown onto your roof and eventually clogging up your gutters.

If it’s left untreated, that debris could cause gutters to overflow, leak or even come away from your roof. The best course of action is to book in a professional gutter clearance service. That will ensure your gutters are clean, clear and in good working order for complete safety and peace of mind.

3. Electrics

From Electric Installation Condition Reports to regular PAT testing, there are all kinds of electrical checks and inspections required to keep your commercial property safe and compliant. But with such a prolonged period away from the workplace, it’s understandable that some of these might have been put on the backburner.

With your commercial site back at full capacity, it’s important to make sure the electric system and all equipment have been properly inspected and confirmed as safe to use. As well as the checks mentioned above, be sure to check your fire alarms and emergency lighting to keep your property prepared for an emergency.

4. Mould!

Last but not least is mould. With some or all of your commercial property out of use, chances are the space won’t have been kept at a comfortable temperature or particularly well ventilated. That cold, moist environment provides the perfect conditions for damp and mould to develop.

As well as being an off-putting eyesore, mould can cause a number of respiratory issues for your employees. Before getting everyone back in, it’s important to check for mould throughout your property and take steps to stop it coming back.

For all your roofing needs….

While we can’t help with electrics or mould directly, the team at DPR Roofing is on hand throughout Barnsley to help prepare your commercial property for a full return to work. Our expert roofers can provide vital commercial roof repairs and gutter clearance services to get you back up and running for the return to normality.

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