3 Benefits of Annual Roof Inspections

Annual roof inspections are a great way to check your roof is in working order. But there are still many property owners, commercial and residential, who don’t have their roof checked. Why? Maybe it’s cost, or maybe they just keep putting it off like a trip to the dentist. And that’s how you end up with bad teeth, right?

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of annual roof inspections and why you should get yours booked in soon.

Servicing your roof

Having your roof inspected is a bit like servicing your car. It’s an annual check to make sure everything is in working order. Most importantly, it makes sure the car or roof is ready to perform over the coming year.

Ask car owners, and you’ll struggle to find many that ignore their car servicing. Why? It’s a valuable asset to them. If it breaks down, their life will be put on hold and they’ll have to fork out to get it fixed at short notice.

So why do so many ignore their roof servicing? All of the above is equally true for your roof, which is the umbrella to your property. If there’s a leak, your life will be thrown into limbo until it’s fixed – not to mention the damage to your possessions or other parts of your property.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have an annual inspection? Here are three of the key benefits…

1.   Protection

Your roof is there to protect your property, your possessions and the people inside. By keeping water out, it makes sure there’s no problems with your home’s structure or electrics and keeps everyone safe.

Having your roof inspected once a year will make sure it’s doing exactly that. Remember, prevention is always better than the cure.

2.   Cost

As well as being more effective than acting afterwards, preventing problems is cheaper. A roof inspection is a single manageable cost that you can account for each year. On the flipside, if there’s an unexpected issue with your roof, you may have to fork out hundreds that you simply don’t have.

Once water penetrates your roof, it can cause problems with your property’s structure or electrics and damage contents. Repairing and replacing these adds even more to the cost, all of which could have been avoided with an inspection.

3.   Peace of mind

In some cases, you could get lucky and have a year without any problems. But without an inspection, you’ll spend that year worrying. Whenever the rain gets heavy, you’ll be thinking about your roof and whether it can cope with the rainfall.

Is that constant unease really worth it to save a bit of money in the short-term?

Don’t ignore your roof!

Nipping small repairs in the bud can save a lot of unease, stress and money compared to ignoring them and waiting a serious problem to develop. If you want to look after the very thing that protects you and your home, the team at DPR Roofing can help.

We offer professional roof inspections and repairs across Barnsley. With over three decades of experience, you can expect a thorough survey of your roof with repairs that stand the test of time.