The Benefits of a Flat-to-Pitched Roof Conversion

In recent years, we’re seeing more and more flat roofs being converted to pitched. Why? Many people kept their roof flat when adding an extension or installing a garage to reduce costs, and now want to upgrade them.

But, as with any home renovation, it’s important to weigh up the benefits, costs and any potential drawbacks. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of converting a flat roof to a pitched roof – and whether it’s the best option for you.

Why would you want a pitched roof?

While flat roofs have a slope of less than 10 degrees, pitched roofs are typically upwards of 40 degrees. This naturally makes it easier for rain to run off them as it falls and makes pitched roofs less prone to leakage.

Another benefit of pitched roofs is that they provide extra space in a room. This is especially the case with large buildings, which can have the roof space converted into a usable loft. However, smaller garage or extension roofs can also be used for storage when pitched or just to give the room an airier feel.

All that said, the main benefit of a pitched roof has to be its appearance. Pitched roofs are far more pleasing on the eye. As well as a more stylish shape, they can be constructed from clay or concrete tile in various colours, or even natural stone and slate.

Are there any reasons against a conversion?

Of course, it’s not all one way when it comes to a pitched roof conversion. Firstly, there is the cost. Adding a pitched roof to an existing structure will set you back thousands of pounds.

On top of that, there’s the complication of planning permission. To be considered a permitted development, new roofs must not exceed the highest point of the existing roof or protrude more than 150mm above the plane of the existing roof.

However small, any pitched roof will undoubtedly go against both of these requirements. That means you’ll need to apply for planning permission before starting the conversion. As well as eating away at your time, the application will cost you £172 – or £166 in Wales.

What’s the best solution?

If your flat roof has become leaky and hard to maintain, it’s likely you’ll need to replace it. However, replacing a flat roof doesn’t have to mean installing a pitched roof. In terms of function, you could get a lot more for your money with an upgraded flat roof.

The latest flat GRP roofs are incredibly watertight as they are a one-piece roof with no seams or joints at all.  Despite costing less than a pitched roof and requiring no planning permission, they can even outlast a pitched roof such as a concrete tiled roof.

New roofs in Barnsley

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