6 Reasons Why You Should Remove Moss from Your RoofWhile professional roof inspections are always safer and more thorough, there’s no danger in inspecting your roof from ground level every now and again. When you do, one of the problems you might see is moss. The question is: how much of a problem is it?

In truth, it can be a nightmare if it’s left to develop.

Read on as we look at six reasons why it’s important to get moss removed as soon as possible.

1.   Obstructing rain flow

All roofs – flat or pitched – are designed with a slope to let water run directly off. It goes into the gutters and runs down the drains away from your property. When moss is growing on your roof, it creates an obstruction, stopping rainwater from flowing as it should. Under a heavy downpour, this water can soon get backed up under the slates or tiles and make its way into the roof space or loft area. You may not know that the water is soaking all the timbers holding the tiles in place as it is trapped between the tiles and the underfelt. Only with time will the catastrophe reveal itself when it will be a whole new roof instead of just moss cleaning.

2.   Holding water

Moss grows into a dense clump on various parts of your roof. As well as obstructing rainwater, it can even hold it on your roof. This can damage roofing materials as they’re not supposed to have moisture constantly held against them. Over time they will weaken, become porous and discolour, even after moss is removed.

3.   Extra weight

On top of all that, the moss will add considerable pressure to your roof when wet. While moss itself is relatively light, it can hold up to 20 times its dry weight in water. For weaker roofs, this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

4.   Freezing and cracking

Having water held on your roof is one problem – what if it turns to ice?

As the temperature drops, the water held by moss seeps into roofing materials or open joints and freezes. When it does so, it expands by around 10%. That’s enough to form cracks or turn existing cracks into bigger holes.

5.   Clog gutters

As well as sitting on your roof, moss can fall or be blown into your guttering. This will block your gutters and cause water to overflow, spilling onto your property’s walls and letting moisture into your home. If it makes its way to the foundations, it can even cause serious structural damage.

6.   Looks bad

On top of everything else, moss just looks bad. It’s a sign to your neighbours, potential customers or just anyone passing by that you don’t care for your property. As mentioned, it can also discolour your roofing materials permanently if it’s not removed promptly, which could significantly reduce your home’s kerb appeal.

Moss removal in Barnsley

If moss is developing on your home’s roof, there’s no use waiting around. The problem will only get worse and lead to other issues like roof damage and water ingress.

DPR Roofing provides domestic roofing services across Barnsley. With our team of professional roofers, you can have moss removed from your roof in no time, leaving your home secure and looking its best. Contact us today for more information.