One of the best things about what we do is that we never know where the next job is going to be.

DPR have been repairing both commercial and domestic roofs for over 28 years now. In this time we have worked on a huge array of property types, for an even broader range of clients. Suffice it to say we have been called to some odd jobs in the past.

However, a recent repair job may take the biscuit in regards to secrecy.

A huge number of people were affected by Storm Doris in late Feb, and the government was no exception. This is why we were called upon to repair the storm damaged roof of a secret government data facility in near the west coast of England.

We actually had to perform the job in 2 stages. Immediately after the storm we attended and removed a large number of loose dangerous material. However, our old platform was simply not big enough to access the large cladding walls properly. Therefore we had to wait a few days for the new platform to be ready (1st March on a new 17 plate)  before would could complete the work.

As soon as the new platform was finished and safe we headed back to the site to finish the job. Our first job was to erect some emergency scaffolding and install a temporary roof over the entire building. This is a large and tricky job, but due to the electronic devices, and sensitive material found on these buildings, it was extremely important.

Now the temporary roof has been erected our engineers can get to work beneath it repairing the storm damage.

This was a brilliant first job for our platform, and the timing could not have been any better. Without it we simply would not have been able to carry the work out as effectively, which is exactly why we bought it.


DPR Ltd provide both commercial and domestic services to clients all over the Yorkshire area. These services range from repairing storm damage to replacing a single roof tile. To find out more about our services simply call us on 0113 335 0043.