One of the earliest recorded uses of slate is from the 1300’s, and it is still in use today. And it is easy for us as DPR to see why.

We see, use and install slate pretty much every day. A well-made slate roof will be completely water tight and will last anywhere up to 150 years with little to no maintenance. They also look fantastic, and work with a number of architectural styles.

Its appearance is a large part of why it has endured as long as it has. Depending on the light, and the slates proximity to water it has a different sheen. There are also different veneers and also different types of slate that can be used for a huge range of appearances.

From an environmental standpoint there have been several studies which have confirmed it to be the natural material with the lowest environmental impact. Other roofing materials leak toxic compounds for up to a couple of years after they are installed, whereas natural slate only uses water in its production.

There is also a good future for slate. Cupa Pizzaras have recognised that the solar absorption and diffusion make it ideal for capturing and storing solar power. There has even been a Thermoslate system developed which can integrate invisible solar collectors into any existing natural slate roof.

The best thing about these solar slate panels is that they are quarried and installed exactly the same as standard roofing slate. They even look the same, so it saves the client the need for unsightly solar panels, and saves the installer the hassle of making room for them.


DPR Ltd have been installing and repairing slate roofs since we began over 28 years ago. During this time we have worked on thousands of slate roofs. We know this material like no other, and we are glad to see that it is moving with the times, and will not get left behind. If you would like to know more about our services with slate roofing just give us a call on 0113 335 0043.