4 Benefits of a Professional Roof Cleaning

You get your car cleaned. You probably get your windows cleaned. Plenty of us even get our bins cleaned now too. So, what about your roof? In truth, roof cleaning is far more important than all of the above.

In this post we’ll look at four reasons it’s well worth having your roof professionally cleaned.

1.   Appearance

First of all, much like window and car cleaning, roof cleaning will make sure your roof looks its best. That will dramatically improve kerb appeal, which will always help if you come to selling your property.

However, unlike your windows or car, it’s not something you should try yourself. Whether it’s for repairs or cleaning, getting on your roof is a dangerous task without training.

2.   Get rid of moss

Growing in areas with plenty of moisture, moss can easily develop on your roof. When it does, it’s both an eyesore and a potential problem with the way your roof works. Moss holds moisture on your roof, which can cause discolouration and even degradation of roofing materials over time.

If it’s left and ignored, it could cause serious damage. A professional roof cleaning service will make sure all moss is removed from your roof, leaving it looking great and functioning fine.

3.   Cleans your gutters

Where required, a professional roof clean will also take care of your gutters, which is vital for your roof’s function. Gutters need to be fully cleared so rainwater can run freely through them and down your drains.

However, over time, they can become built up with leaves and other debris. These blockages will cause water to overflow and add weight to your gutters which could lead to cracks and breaks. In short, it’s better to keep them clear so they can work properly all year round.

4.   Good time for an inspection

Any roofer worth their salt will make sure they check over your roof while it’s being cleaned. If they notice a broken or missing tile, loose flashing or worn-down pointing on your chimney, they can let you know or even fix it in the process.

That could prove invaluable in the long run, as it means you don’t have to fork out for costly repairs further down the line.

How often you should get your roof cleaned?

With all the rain, wind and debris your roof faces, we recommend getting it cleaned at least once year. As mentioned above, you can combine this with a full inspection and even gutter cleaning to make sure your roof is fully serviced and ready for the year.

Professional roofing services in Barnsley

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