Why Your Roof Needs a Spring Clean More Than Your Home

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting brighter, the weather warmer and we’re all digging out our cleaning kit for the annual clean. But, while sprucing up your home is a great way to welcome the warmer months, it’s your roof that needs the most attention.

Often neglected or forgotten about, your roof is the main form of protection for your home. The last thing you want, after spending days cleaning your home top to bottom, is to come home to find huge leaks, broken tiles, or even worse, an entire roof collapse. In this post, we will look at the key reasons why your roof needs a spring clean this year, even more than your home…

Save some money

While spending money on an annual roof inspection to save money may seem counterproductive, spotting small issues before they turn into huge problems could save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

A spring clean on your roof, provides professional roofers with the perfect opportunity to identify small issues – and prevent them developing into bigger problems. A small issue can be easily rectified, leaving your roof, and home, safe and protected.

Repair the damage

Winters can be tough on your roof, especially with the unpredictable UK weather. From snow and hailstone to baking heat (like the summer of 2018) and torrential rain, your roof goes through a lot in a year and needs some TLC when it comes to the spring.

By booking your home in for an annual roof inspection in the spring, you can discover any damage that the winter has done and make sure it’s prepared for the typical British summertime rain.

Preserve your warranty

When you get a new roof, you usually get a warranty. Whether it’s a lifetime warranty, or just lasts a few years, you need to make sure your roof is properly maintained to keep your warranty valid. A number of roofing companies will not fulfil your warranty without proof of regular maintenance.

As well as avoiding a broken warranty, you could even reduce home insurance costs with regular roof maintenance.

Improve the appearance

Homeowners spend so much time cleaning the inside of their home ready for spring and summer. It makes sense to keep the exterior living up to the same standards.

Dirt and debris can accumulate on your roof during the year, making it look unattractive and increasing the risk of long-term damage. Having your roof and gutters professionally cleared will protect your home and restore its aesthetic appeal all-year-round.

Prevent health issues

Roof issues can lead to leaks, draughts and even damp and mould building up in your home. As well as the eyesore and discomfort, damp and mould can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergic reactions.

A spring clean of both your home and roof can help to clear out any of these dangerous issues and prevent further health issues for you and your loved ones.

Book your spring inspection today

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