With the hot weather coming to an end and the rain and autumn looming around the corner, homeowners across the Yorkshire region will be looking out for one thing- roof leaks.

Leaks to the roof often occur at the most inconvenient of times and can cause damage and destruction in a very short period, both to the ceilings and possessions.

Some tell tale signs water might be coming into the property can include some damp patches, mould growth or the dreaded water dripping through the ceiling.

The worst part about it all however, is that rarely does the water damage match where the problem may be on the roof.

That is why DPR have fully qualified engineers that understand the complex constructions of roofs and roof repairs, and thus can find the root of the problem fast and professionally.

Often a leak can be because of a cracked title or even moved tile and our expert engineers have the experience and tools needed to fit the roof and stop that leak.

They also have the skills required to help with the internal damages and can carry out extensive tests to make sure the water leak is coming from that area, all part of the aftercare package we offer to our customers.

If you notice any of the above problems, or for any other roofing requirements, call DPR on 0113 3470916.