Scaffolding vs Powered Access Boom – Which is Best for Your Roof?

Reaching high or inaccessible roofs can be a tricky business. Scaffolding has been solving that problem for centuries, but powered access booms are a modern alternative rapidly growing in popularity. Which is best for your roof?

The pros of powered access booms

Also known as cherry pickers, powered access booms are a highly versatile solution which afford the opportunity to reach great heights and difficult-to-access parts of your roof with ease. With a slimline mobile base unit, the powered access boom from DPR Roofing can squeeze into tight spaces and extend to roof height, allowing roofing specialists to manoeuvre them into position quickly, easily and effectively. As such, they’re the perfect option for performing emergency repairs on a leaky roof, since there’s no time-consuming setup process involved.

That makes them suitable for initial consultations or minor repair works, as well. After all, it’s not practical to spend hours erecting a scaffolding system, only to use the structure for a matter of mere minutes to perform a quick touch-up job on faulty tiles or slates – especially if the repairs are time-sensitive. The efficiency of a powered access boom can drastically reduce the time and costs that scaffolding entails.

A time and a place for traditional scaffolding

Having said that, there are many situations where scaffolding is more appropriate. It’s the most commonly used method of high access due to the reliability and stability it offers, ensuring a safe working environment for roofers, glaziers and other professionals who need to work at heights.

Scaffolding is the number one solution for longer-lasting projects such as roof replacements, since it offers maximum longevity and accessibility to all angles of the affected area without the need to reposition it.

Of course, it’s imperative that any scaffolding structures are put in place by a competent and qualified company who have experience in installing and dismantling structures safely. At DPR Roofing in Barnsley, we only work with the best scaffolders in the business, so you can rest assured all work on your roof is completely safe and secure.

Picking the right solution for you

It’s important to take into account the unique circumstances of each project when deciding which high access solution is appropriate. Arriving at the right choice will involve considering the type of repairs required and the amount of time they’re likely to take, as well as the dimensions of the property itself and the available ground space around it. And of course, the costs attached to the project are always a key factor in any decision-making process.

Thankfully, at DPR Roofing, we have plenty of experience with both scaffolding and powered access booms throughout Barnsley. With engineers capable of setting up scaffolding at the drop of a hat and a state-of-the-art access boom at our disposal, we can assess the conditions at your property and provide our expert opinion on which solution suits you best. With DPR, you can rest assured that we’ll recommend the safest, strongest and most cost-effective option, every single time.