At DPR, we are always conscious that roofing problems can occur when you least expect them. Although with most roofing problems there is a noticeable cause such as wind, sometime there isn’t and the problem may only surface a period of time after this initial event.

Currently in Yorkshire we are experiencing very high winds and rain which although not uncommon for this time of year, does cause considerable problems for domestic and commercial roofs. Roof tiles falling off is particularly noticeable at this present time. When a tile falls off a roof it creates an opening for water to get access inside. If this occurs frequently, damp patches will form and this can have an adverse effect on health of the occupants inside.

As a professional roofing company with multiple years’ experience, we know that you want to get the problem solved as quickly as possible and that is why we offer a 24 hour emergency hotline should you have water coming into your property during out of hours.

Sometimes roofing problems can worsen over time and are not caused by a specific incident such as a hurricane or a tornado. This is more common in older or grade 1/2 listed buildings as they have had to face the strain of weather and rain for a long period of time.

Should you live in Yorkshire primarily, Leeds, Wakefield or Bradford and be worried about the state of your roof please do not hesitate to contact one of our roofing professional teams today. We have local roofers available every day of the week so that we can attend your needs when they occur.

Any problem that is left will never ever get better so it is always worth checking out any small issues with a roofing professional before they become a large problem. We have many case study examples of situations where the occupant has left the problems over a period of months, and eventually they get so bad that the roof has needed a full replace, at a greater financial cost.

Had they contacted us in the first place when they notice the initial problem, DPR roofing are sure we could have solved many of the issues within one visit at much less of a cost. We also would have taken last time at less disruption.

If you are worried about the state of your roof please do not hesitate to contact our team today.