DPR Roofing Barnsley have recently completed a roof repair project in Maltby, Rotherham.

Following a detailed inspection the repair works involved stripping down all of the verge edge details to all verges and removal of all existing mortar debris.  Removal of all existing tile clips as these are no longer required with this system.  Extending timber lattes where needed and re-tiling roof areas.  Fit quality colour fast dry verge system including end ridge caps.

The projects also involved removal of all ridge tiles to all areas and dispose of all old mortar bedding which is inadequate mortar and rebed ridge tiles to new roofing grade mortar.  Finally the roofers cleared out rubble from all of the valleys, stripped down valleys and dispose of all debris from mortar bedding, rebed back to good using new roofing grade mortar and point off all valleys flush to the same.