DPR Roofing has recently begun a new roof maintenance and gutter clearance contract with Chubb Security, providers of electronic security and site entry systems.


Over the past few years their building in Leeds required roofing maintenance work on a more regular basis, caused by the age of the building, and the company were finding they were calling out roofers on an all-too-frequent basis. As a result, their roofing costs were stacking up and starting to cause issues.

Knowing DPR provide commercial roofing contracts for a range of services, and having seen some of the clients we provide similar services for, DPR were requested to come up with a package that would hopefully reduce their costs and safeguard their roof. This package was to include general roof maintenance and repairs, as well as complete clearance of their gutters at the site a few times each year.

As we mention frequently on our website and to our customers, gutter clearance is very important and the failure to do so leads to many roofing issues, especially when the water has only one way to leave the roof inside the building when gutters are internally sited which is many the case with commercial buildings. You can find more details on other reasons to clear your guttering right here.

The contract agreed will see the team be just a phone call away and Chubb Security have the confidence to continue their works without having the worry of a further failure of their gutters or roof.

If you would like to ensure your building does not fail you and would like to use a qualified professional commercial roofing company in the Yorkshire region, please contact DPR to discuss our contracts. With a great pricing structure, local engineers and a trusted name, DPR can help to ensure your roof does not let your business down.