DPR has recently added brand new guttering to the building of Country Style Foods, after the existing guttering had fallen into a state of disrepair. This was in addition to other multiple roof repairs needed. This is the second phase of works for the large food supplier in Leeds.

By using a clever technique, the DPR team added brand new guttering inside the existing guttering shell, adding complete new runs to the gutter. This is an instant though bespoke system transforming the gutter immediately into a fully working unit again yet retaining the original look.

Guttering plays an important role in removing water from the roof safely and when it fails, can cause considerable damage to the building and leave walkways below unsafe not to mention stock damage. If you, like Country Style Foods, have problems with your gutters or roofs, it is important to get them solved quickly.

At DPR we, recommended a professional company checks your commercial guttering at least once a year. We know, from experience, that there are buildings across the Yorkshire region that have not had a gutter surveyed, or cleaned for over twenty years and this will cause problems to the building for certain.

If you are in that situation, please act before it is too late and call one of our office team today. We can carry out a full inspection backed up with quality photographs, clean all manner of debris from the gutters and recommend any works which might needs carrying out now or in the future.

Country Style Foods are a modern craft bakery company that works closely with leading retailers and food service customers, specialising in high volume production of top quality bakery products.