DPR is one of the leading roofers in Barnsley because of their attention to detail and efficiency when it comes to roofing jobs.

We have local specialists who have obtained the highest levels of qualifications, meaning that we are a roofing company you can trust.

Although we have the skills in new roofs, roof repairs and flat roofs, we also offer a thorough maintenance service, which customers can have done each year. This goes a long way in making sure that people feel comfortable in their own home.

Usually, these are the slightly mundane and long jobs that people do not like or have time to do. One of those jobs is gutter clearance.

We have the equipment to clear gutters easily, which is done using a high access platform, and can also carry out regular maintenance checks on your roof, so that you don’t have to.

Leaves and build up of other things such as twigs or rubbish in the gutters can cause additional weight to form which will eventually crack the gutter at an expensive outlay to yourselves.

It can also prevent the water from running off the roof properly, which could potentially lead to water backup that then starts to go between the wall and causes damp patches within the house. This is all linked to the roof and could cause problems to the structure of the roof and eventually wreck tiles and/or slates.

A simple gutter sweep from one of our expert team will remove any back up of leaves or debris that is blocked in the pipe. It can also get rid of any nests or infestations that may have settled in the gutter without you even knowing.

So before the winter season comes upon us, why not get Barnsley Roofs in to check your gutters and make sure they are clear, so that come December, you do not have to replace your roof.

You can contact us by calling 01226 920061 or email us: [email protected]