DPR Roofing is currently half way through our most extensive gutter cleaning project to date. We have been on site at Potters Ballatoni for almost 2weeks now.

Potters Ballatoni recycle glass for other industrial uses. A large portion of what they do includes the grinding and breaking down of waste glass. This creates a simply huge amount of dust. This dust floats in the air before settling on the roof.

The issue in this case is not simply the quantity of dust, but that the dust is so fine. The rainy climate in the UK essentially turns this fine dust into dense, wet sand. Which is incredibly difficult to remove.
We predicted this job would take a few days but it has ended up taking a whole lot longer. Still, our engineers weren’t perturbed. They have simply got their heads down and got to work, scooping and shovelling very slowly indeed.

In this particular case we advised the client that it would be worthwhile considering using DPR on a retained basis, where we would come every 4-6 months and completely clear out the guttering and clean the roof rather than wait 4 years as was the case this time.

Far from being annoyed by the extent of the work we have to carry out, we have relished this opportunity to test our skills. We have used this case as a way to test our capabilities, and though it has proved difficult, we are proud to say it has not beaten us.

If your gutters are clogged and not functioning properly, and could do with clearing out, on a single or repeated basis, then just give DPR a call on 0113 335 0043.