As long as they as they are looked after properly, roofs in Barnsley can last a life time. So, to help you look after your roof, here is a comprehensive list compiled by our Barnsley roofers of problems that may occur, in addition to explanations on how to deal with them:

Can I walk on my roof tiles?

Because your weight can cause tiles to crack or micro-crack, we would advise against walking on your roof without it being properly trafficked with suitable access equipment. British Standard BS 8000: Part 6: 1990, which refers to ‘workmanship on sites’, states that a sufficient number of ladders and crawling boards should be used in order to protect the roof from damage and make it safe for the people on the roof.

If I notice cracks on my roof, what should I do?

Unfortunately, cracks are a common occurrence. This is especially the case on roofs that sit at lower levels, because they are susceptible to damage caused by traffic from window cleaners and the like. For this reason, it is recommended that not only should you check the tiles for cracks on a six-monthly basis, but also to take the appropriate steps to prevent avoidable damage to your roof.

Is it safe to jet-wash my roof?

We would never recommend this because of the potential damage to the roof tiles caused by high-powered jet washes, which would significantly diminish the life expectancy of the roof.

How long will the colour last on my roof tile or slate?

As in the case of all construction materials, tiles and slates are bound to change at least slightly in appearance due to exposure to the elements. Indeed exposure to rain and the growth of things like moss, algae and lichen, as well as the inevitable exposure to sunlight pretty much guarantees that your roof will change colour.

With regard to how long from new the roof will take to discolour, this will vary according to climatic variants like air purity and humidity.

How do I remove moss, algae or lichen from my roof?

Use environmentally-friendly chemicals and avoid chlorine-based bleach because this too can discolour your roof. Oxygen bleach – also known as sodium percarbonate – is a natural alternative to ‘normal’ bleach that will still get rid of these unwanted and unsightly growths without discolouring your roof.

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