After a winter in which lost of families faced problems caused by the wind and the rain, Barnsley’s leading roofers at DPR are urging people to check their guttering.

The check should not only be to ensure that the guttering is connected to the house, but that it is not clogged up with debris that is preventing water from running off the roof correctly. With Barnsley having some of the worst weather as well, there is every possibility that leaves and twigs could have got caught in your gutters.

The reasons we are urging people to check them now before it is too late is because in the early part of 2013, South Yorkshire Company Oak Leaf Products contacted us one night after a heavy rain storm. Water had been tipping over their roof gutters and had by the time they arrived, damaged around £20,000 worth of stock as well as causing damage to their fuse board, meaning they could not use the internet at all.

The cause of the problem was however the guttering which had not been checked for a number of years. Rubbish and debris had been building up over the winter months, and when the heavy rain came, there was nowhere for the water to go apart from over the top of the gutters. There were also crisp packets and other rubbish which could have been caused by the workers who have lunch outside.

Unfortunately, the guttering is one part of the roof which is very difficult to see and it is often too late before your consider cleaning it. However, there is now something which you can do to help combat this problem. For as little as £300, we can provide regular maintenance checks on your roof, which includes the guttering and clear any problematic clogs which could cause such devastation if left to get bigger, like the example above.

If you live in the Barnsley area and want to take advantage of this, then please call us on 01226 920061 and don’t let guttering spoil your life.