DPR Roofing provides roofing services to both commercial and domestic clients across the entirety of Yorkshire. We have worked on thousands of roofs in our 28 years of service, and have been in operation so long we have started to spot small patterns emerging.

One area of roofing which straddles both the commercial and domestic sectors is new build housing. Currently there is a housing shortage in the UK, and a few schemes running to help people buy their first home. Combined, they are leading to a surge in new house builds all over the country.

While new homes are fantastic, as is people getting on to the property ladder, this surge is undoubtedly coming with a few problems.

In the rush to get homes built, and ultimately create a higher turnover and profit, corners are being cut.

In recent surveys carried out it was found that more than half of people who have bought new builds have experienced problems. One survey found that a quarter of those people had over 16 separate issues with their new home.

And these issues are not small, tilting gardens, leaking roofs, missing windows and flooding garages are amongst the issues reported.

As well as a desire for increasing profits, a lack of regulation is thought to be a major part of the issue. In some strange loophole, new house buyers have fewer rights than you would from your weekly shop. The Consumer Rights Directive, which enshrines the rights of customers, does not cover property. If any issues develop residents have to rely on a 10-year warranty insured by the NHBC or another approved warranty provider.

But in a huge number of cases, when residents complain to their home builder, their calls are simply not answered. Some people have taken matters into their own hands and have physically protested outside of the sales offices of some home builders.

So what can you do about it? Organisations such as The Federation of Master Builders are voluntary, but hold their members to the highest of standards. By using builders, or house builders, who are a member of such organisations you can be assured that they are amongst the best at what they do.

You can also:

·         Research the developer online before you buy to check for negative feedback.

·         Question purchasers who have moved in to completed phases of a development about their experience.

·         Check which warranty provider the developer is registered with and read its consumer code.

·         Ask an independent snagging company to inspect the house for flaws before completion. However, developers aren’t obliged to allow you to enter the property before the legal completion date and many don’t.

·         Ensure your home and contents policy includes protection in case you have to take a developer to court.

·         Appoint a solicitor early to advise on contracts such as a cancellation clause if the builder does not complete by a specified date.

·         Avoid buying in June or December. Developers may cut corners to get the money before their half-yearly accounts.

·         Watch out for defects that might only become evident after several weeks.

·         List any defects and report them in writing as soon as possible. Non-structural defects must be reported within two years.

When working with DPR you can be assured that our work is amongst the best available. Not only does our 28 years, and positive testimonials prove this, but so does our memberships and accreditations which can be seen here.

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