What to Do When Your Roof is Leaking

Roof leaks are never a welcome surprise. They often occur very suddenly too, which can leave you feeling panicked and unsure what to do. It’s important that you don’t act rashly in this situation, as you could cause further damage to your roof or even yourself.

In this post, we’ll go through a few steps to take when your roof is leaking.

Inspect with care

The first step is to try and get the best possible idea of what’s wrong with your roof. But you have to do so safely. That means no getting on your roof for a close look. However, if it’s safe and practical to do so, you could get up into your loft or roof space to see from the inside.

It’s also a good idea to go outside and look up from ground level. Of course, this isn’t possible for flat roofs such as those on commercial properties.

Above all else, you want to get as much information as you can about the leak, which you can then pass onto roofers when you speak to them. That will give them a better idea of the job at hand. They might be able to pop round the same day if it sounds like a small repair job.

Protect the area, if safe

Next, you’ll want to protect the area around the leak. When water gets into a building, it can damage everything from floors and walls to electrics. As such, it’s important to catch or soak up as much of that water as possible. In doing so, you’ll prevent further problems from developing and save yourself time and money on extra repairs and redecorating.

Place some suitably sized containers under any drips. You can also use old towels around the affected areas to deal with any splashes or extra leaks. Towels can also be used where water is leaking down your wall, such as your chimney breast.

Again, however, you should proceed with caution. Don’t try to get close to the leak if it’s unsafe. It’s not worth risking your wellbeing or causing extra damage to your property.

Call a roofer

Next, you’ll need to call a roofer. No roof leaks can be properly fixed without the knowledge and skills of an experienced, qualified roofer. This should be done in quick succession of the first two steps, as you’ll want them to fit you in as soon as possible.

If you have a trusted roofer you’ve worked with before, that’s great. However, given the unexpected nature of roof leaks, not everyone has a reliable roofer on hand. So, what should you look for when finding a roofer to call? Here are some quick checks you can make…

  • Experience – Search for roofers online to get an idea of their background and years of experience.
  • Reviews – Experience should be backed up with positive reviews on sites like Google and Facebook.
  • Accreditations – Look for names like TrustMark, FMB, SafeContractor and the Confederation of Roofing Contractors to show that they’re independently approved for safety and quality.
  • Local – Make sure they’re based near you. Roofers are reluctant to take on jobs further afield or will add their travel expenses to the cost.

Call some more

It always helps to have a second opinion or even a third. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you get three quotes for any work on your property – and your roof is no exception.

For one, this will give you a better understanding of the problem and best course of action. If one contractor tries to pull a fast one, they’ll be exposed by the differing opinions of the other roofers you speak to.

It will also give you a good idea of the going rate. Again, if one quote is considerably cheaper or more expensive than the rest – without good reason – you’ll know to steer clear.

Arrange inspections and quotes

When it comes to your roof, it’s not enough for someone to say they’ll fix it over the phone. Ideally, roofers should inspect the leak before putting together a detailed quote. As above, try and get a few roofers to visit your home or commercial site.

Quotes should be written, printed or sent digitally, so you have a record of the price and everything included. This will avoid any problems further down the line.

Get it fixed

You’ve found out what’s wrong and got some quotes to fix it. The next step is to make an informed decision and arrange the roof repairs.

Remember, it’s not always best to go for the cheapest quote. Make sure you compare the value of the quotes, including the reputation of the contractor, any guarantees or warranties, and the quality of materials included.

Most importantly, don’t delay. It’s important to fix leaks as soon as possible to avoid problems worsening. On top of that, you’ve got to factor in some time for roofers to fit you in. Good roofers are usually busy all year round – even more so as the weather gets worse. So, you’ll want to get the ball rolling as soon as you can.

Keep checking

If you do have to wait a few days or more, don’t forget that water could still be leaking through your roof. The containers you’ve put in place can soon fill up, and towels can become soaked, not to mention that leaks can spread to different areas.

As a result, you’ll need to keep an eye on things and adjust the measures you’ve put in place accordingly. Don’t worry – a watertight, leak-free roof is just around the corner…

Roof repairs in Barnsley

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