Our Barnsley roofers have been very busy in the last few weeks as more and more homeowners are making changes to their roofs.

From replacements of flat roofs on top of garages to planned building work of new roofs on conservatories, our team have been busy each day. With the weather having been of a dry and warm nature as well, we have been able to successfully work uninterrupted, completing jobs earlier than previously scheduled, to the delight of many Barnsley residents.

If you are considering making changes to your roof, our roofers would like to remind you of a few things to consider. Firstly, make sure you have thought everything through and have had a proper survey and plan of what needs to be done- especially important for new roofs.

If it is a repair, be aware that other materials are available, especially for flat roofs. You might currently have a felt roof but a high quality fibreglass option could provide you with the longevity that you require, as well as higher levels of quality and a more aesthetically pleasing style.

Also important is to make sure you are getting what you pay for. If you are having repair work, it is vital that the whole roof is checked to make sure a leak or damage is not going to cause further problems in 6 months time at your additional expense. Using an accredited roofing company like ourselves should ensure your roof is fully checked and any repair work quote would make sure the complete roof has been fixed.

Whatever your roofing requirements, we want you to have the smoothest of possible experiences, so we offer a great end to end service from your initial contact to arrange for a survey, through to the completed work. We also believe in great aftercare and will discuss every point with you along the way so you can have full confidence in the work that we do.

So if you are considering roof work in Barnsley and need to choose a respectable local roofer, why not choose us and call 01226 920061 today.