Do You Need a Post-Winter Roof Inspection?

As the snow melts, the frost disappears and the days start to get a little longer, we can all enjoy the fact that winter has passed for another year. We’ve made it through despite the cold, and our properties are in decent shape. Or so it seems.

While your roof might have held up through the worst of the weather, the biting frost, high winds and heavy rain could still have taken its toll. Read on as we discuss the importance of a post-winter roof inspection.

Winter damage on your roof

As touched upon above, there are several ways in which the winter weather can damage your roof. It goes without saying that the heavy winter rain can penetrate your roof, even if it’s held up against the lighter showers in summer and autumn.

On top of that, high winds can blow tiles, flashing or other parts of your roof out of place, especially if they were already loose beforehand. To make things even worse, the sub-zero temperatures can lead to freeze-thaw action. That’s the process where water gets into small cracks before expanding as it freezes, leaving a larger crack when it melts.

Why it should be inspected now

Despite all of the potential damage described above, your roof might appear to have made it through winter unscathed. The problem being that not all damage is visible to the untrained eye. Small problems might have emerged, and it can take a while before these turn into visible leaks inside your home.

This could be anything from a few loose tiles to a bit of water ingress. Without a post-winter roof inspection, those issues will be left untreated for the rest of the year – in which time they could get progressively worse as well as gradually letting water into your home.

When next winter comes around, and the heavy rainfall returns, you’ll eventually start to see visible signs of a leak such as damp patches on the walls and ceilings. By that time, however, roofers will typically be much busier, meaning you’ll have to wait longer or pay more.

That’s why a post-winter inspection is so important. An experienced roofing company will be able to check every aspect of your roof, from the tiles and flashing to the eaves and guttering. Any problems they find will usually be in their infancy, so they can be repaired quickly, easily and effectively. That could save you a pretty penny, compared to the higher costs of repairing long-lasting problems.

Book your post-winter inspection

Want to make sure your roof is in tip top condition following the winter chill? It couldn’t be easier with DPR Roofing. Our team of local roofers are on hand throughout Barnsley to inspect your roof and make long-lasting repairs for any issues we find.

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