DPR have been fitting and repairing new roofs and flat roofs all through the summer, taking advantage of the glorious weather in Yorkshire.

Yet, as with tradition, this weather will eventually leave and we will have some wet and windy weather. During this time, DPR offer an emergency roof repair service, that can help with loose tiles and cracks in the roof.

However DPR do not only offer a roof repair service, as they also deal with problems that arise from damp.

On average, every house across Yorkshire copes with around 25,000 gallons or rain water, or a third of a standard 25m leisure swimming pool, so it is little wonder damp issues arise.

Damp can cause huge problems for a homeowner’s health, including aggravation of an existing respiratory problem or to encourage mites and mould to appear. It can also make the whole house feel cold and look very unappealing.

Damp is caused by poor maintenance and can be seen around roofs, windows, doors and on walls in any property. Usually a damp patch is attributed to an exterior problem, so a damp patch on the wall might suggest a leaking gutter outside.

DPR have some of the top local engineers who are fully qualified in damp proofing of properties, and know the signs to look for.

These signs include decayed skirting boards, discoloration or staining on plaster as well as the common peeling paint or wallpaper. Once you notice these issues, it is important to get a specialist in as early as possible before it spreads.

Damp patches caused from the roof could mean a tile has come loose or potentially missing, but can also be linked to a problem with the guttering, which could be blocked. Because our engineers are also roofers, they can solve the issue, even if it is accredited to another section of the roof, without hassle.

So if you notice some damp signs, which again could be peeling wallpaper or decaying skirting boards, do not hesitate to call DPR on 0113 335 0043 to solve your damp issues quickly.