DPR Roofing, Barnsley, supports new government requirements for mandatory display of CE markings on steel used within the construction industry. Such safeguards can only be good for the consumer, and DPR Roofing, a leading provider of roofing services within the Barnsley area, are committed to offering the very best in reliable professional roof repairs. Steve Russell, senior client advisor for BM TRADA, a prominent provider of certification, inspection, testing, and compliance services for the steel industry, has issued a statement warning contractors that Trading Standards departments are “now looking for companies to demonstrate their compliance with the CPR (Construction Products Regulation)”.

Legislation passed in July 2014 makes it mandatory for manufacturers and fabricators to put a CE mark on structural steel components and steel frames for use in the construction industry. This will require compliance with BS EN 1090 part 1 execution of steel structures and aluminium structures and part 2 technical requirements for steel structures. Clearly, this places a legal obligation on steel manufacturers and fabricators to comply with current government standards for steel. Certification from a suitable firm such as BM TRADA is required.

Barnsley roofing company, DPR, welcomes these controls on steel producers, which will ensure the materials used by roofers in Barnsley meet the same high standards as those demanded throughout the UK. These are the high standards of materials and workmanship that DPR roofing has long been committed to offering in Barnsley as part of the portfolio of premium roofing services available from DPR throughout the Barnsley area.

Anyone looking for the services of a reliable and professional roofer in Barnsley should now ensure that their contractor of choice is familiar with these new steel regulations. Local Barnsley roofers, DPR, are pleased to assure their loyal customers that they stand wholeheartedly behind these new government initiatives to protect the safety of consumers and drive standards of steel production up to a level where the end user can be confident in the quality of steel used in roofing. DPR roofing routinely uses steel which meets current government standards of quality, whether for a new roof, or for roofing repairs in the Barnsley area.

When choosing a company to provide roofing services in Barnsley, you can be assured that DPR roofing meets the challenge of new regulations with enthusiasm, and works tirelessly towards the goal of providing the very best in roofing services in Bransley. If you are looking for a roofer in the Barnsley area, therefore, you can do no better than call DPR Roofing on 01226 920061 to experience a first class professional roofing service for yourself.