DPR have been operating for over 28 years. In this time we have grown from a couple of roofers to a full team of engineers, and even a couple of members of office staff.

This in-house growth has been accompanied by a huge expansion in the types of jobs that DPR offers. Since we started we have offered both domestic and commercial roofing services. But it is our commercial sector which has expanded the most.

The roof on any building is important, but if it is possible it is more important on a commercial building. Even a small leak can go on to create a huge amount of damage. In an office environment if water comes into contact with any electrical equipment it can be catastrophic. In an industrial environment free flowing water can pose a serious health and safety risk.

If left unattended a small leak can go on to create much bigger issues, such as a roof collapse. The repair cost of such a job could be too much for small or new businesses to cope with.

DPR offers wide range of commercial roofing services to ensure that the worst never happens. Some of the services we include are:

Fascias & Soffits

Felt & Asphalt Roofing

Flat Roofing

General Commercial Roof Repairs

Glazing Bars Repairs

Guttering, Gutter Clearing & Gutter Linings

Lead Work

Pipe & Duct Work


Roof Light Replacement

Roof Sheet Replacement                                                  

Roof Tiling

Single Ply Roofs

Slating / Slate Roofing

At DPR as well as repairs we recommend that regular maintenance be carried out. This is to stop issues from ever occurring in the first place. If the phrase ‘prevention is better than the cure’ applies anywhere, then it is roofing.

If you need our commercial roofing services, or would like to learn more about the various roofing services we provide then simply call us on 0113 335 0043.