When roofing fails to do its job, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to find water leaking into their property. But in many cases, they don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s the job of expert roofers to find the source of the water and how to rectify it. That’s exactly what we did on a recent job, where the homeowner couldn’t find the cause of their leak. Read on to see how we helped a customer in Barnsley with their leaking roof.

A long-standing problem

We were initially contacted by Mr Bradley in May 2018. He was struggling with a leak in his property – and has been for some time. Essentially, water was leaking in through the conservatory roof. It was a long-standing problem, which was proving difficult to solve. And, unfortunately, the client couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of the leak.

The importance of finding the root cause

With any leak, it’s important to tackle the root of the problem. Quick fixes may stop water getting onto your furniture or dripping onto the floor, for instance. But water may still be penetrating the roof. This can lead to further damage you have not yet seen– both to your property and your roof. The first step is figuring out where exactly the water is coming from. Only then can a solution be put in place to fix things. On a survey of the property in Barnsley, our team was able to pinpoint the source of the leak exactly. While the owner thought damage to the tiled roof covering was at fault, we determined that the coping stones were the source of water entry. Water was entering through inadequate pointing and mortar on the stones, then getting into the cavity beneath them. Using this, we could put forward a long-lasting fix for the roof.

Providing a long-lasting solution

We stripped off the coping stones from the perimeter of the roof. Once we had sealed the cavity beneath them using torch-on roofing felt, we re-set the coping stones on a mortar bed and pointed them off, ensuring they were level and secure. To make sure all bases were covered, and the existing damage to the roof surface didn’t develop, we also re-covered the roof with strong GRP (fibreglass). This will provide a resilient, waterproof covering for the roof and protect it from any water ingress or wear and tear in the future. The job was finished within 2 days, so there was minimal disruption to the homeowner.

Arrange your inspection today

With over 29 years’ experience in roofing, the team at DPR Roofing in Barnsley are well-equipped to deal with any roofing issues. If you’ve got a problem, whether it’s a leak, missing tiles or damaged guttering, we can propose a long-lasting solution with zero obligation. Get in touch today to arrange your inspection and quote.