5 Ways Storm Arwen Has Damaged UK Homes

Storm Arwen hit the UK on the 26th and 27th of November, bringing exceptionally strong winds to parts of Scotland and the north of England. According to the Met Office, wind speeds peaked at 98mph in Northumberland and reached almost 70mph throughout the affected areas.

With these gale-force winds came damage – and homes were no exception. Read on as we look at five ways the storm damaged UK homes.

1.   Trees falling onto homes

It’s a nightmare for anyone who has trees near their home. Unfortunately, that nightmare became a reality for a family in Gateshead. Just after going to bed on Saturday night, their house was shaken as a 60-foot conifer tree came crashing onto the roof.

While the damage to the roof is yet to be inspected, a video posted by Chronicle Live shows extensive damage to their fence and the neighbouring garden where the tree was situated.

2.   Power outages

Buildings weren’t the only victim of falling trees. They also caused serious disruption by falling into roads, onto railways and – in three tragic incidences with Storm Arwen – onto people.

Power lines were also hit, with over a million homes losing power during the storm. That continued for several days, with more than 100,000 homes affected, as power companies struggled to repair the damage.

3.   Fence damage

One of the most common complaints from Storm Arwen was the havoc it wreaked on fences. While these stories weren’t quite as newsworthy, the force of the wind was enough to blow out the wooden panels between concrete posts or, for those fences with less heavy-duty supports, take down the fence altogether.

4.   Flying debris

Normal wind can be a minor problem for homes, blowing light debris like leaves, which can clog your gutters. However, as well as felling entire trees, the strong winds from Storm Arwen will have been enough to carry larger debris like branches or parts of the broken fences mentioned above.

Travelling at speed, this debris has the potential to cause serious damage to windows, walls or even roofs.

5.   Roof damage

In many cases, the high winds damaged roofs directly too. From Scotland down to Merseyside, there are several horror stories of roofs being torn off.

There’s also the risk of hidden damage, with high winds capable of taking off loose parts like flashing, guttering and tiles. If those parts are blown far away from your property, it could be weeks before you notice a problem with your roof from the inside.

Timely inspections and repairs

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