4 Common Problems with Roofs in Winter

While the idea of snowy landscapes might be pretty magical, the reality of winter is that it’s wet, cold and testing for your property. That’s especially true for the roof, which has to bear the brunt of the weather for several weeks on end.

Unfortunately, the drop in temperatures and rise in rainfall poses a number of problems for your roof. In this post, we’ll list four of the issues we see year upon year in winter…

1.   Leaks

First – and easily the most common – are leaks. While your roof might seem to be coping fine throughout spring, summer and autumn, winter often brings heavier rainfall. A tiny crack which was letting in a small amount of unnoticeable water could turn into a significant leak.

With December (2015), January (2014) and February (2020) making up the three the wettest months since 2014, you can expect that rainfall to be more persistent too. That means leaks will be pretty unrelenting until you get them properly repaired.

2.   Poor insulation

Each year, we all try and keep the heating off for as long as possible. Most of us cave in by September or October, meaning by winter we’ll all have the thermostat cranked right up. Unfortunately for some households, that still doesn’t do the trick.

Heat can escape through your roof if it’s not properly insulated. This becomes more apparent in winter as we see some of the coldest temperatures. Investing in new loft or roof insulation can help you keep the heat in and could even bring your energy bills down over time.

3.   Freeze-thaw

Freeze-thaw action is a type of weathering, where water gets into cracks and freezes into ice. In doing so, it causes any cracks to expand, allowing more water in the next time, which can then repeat the process.

As well as affecting natural landscapes, this process can take its toll on your roof and guttering. Even the smallest crack can become much bigger over the course of winter, as temperatures fluctuate between sub-zero and above freezing.

4.   Busy roofers

More leaks, cracks and general roofing problems inevitably means that winter is the busiest time of the year for roofers. Unfortunately for those experiencing problems, that means you might have to wait a week or more for a good roofer to fit you in.

If that’s the case, you’re still better off waiting than going for someone just because they’re available. Busy roofers are busy for a reason, with those who are available usually lacking experience and accreditations. If anything, this highlights the importance of having your roof inspected annually, so you can nip problems in the bud before it’s too late.

Long-lasting solutions for winter roofing problems

With over three decades’ experience in roofing, the team at DPR in Barnsley have seen these common winter problems time and again over the years. Fortunately, that means we also know the best way to fix them with long-lasting solutions, rather than just patching over the damage.

If you’ve noticed issues with your roof this winter, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01226 670 008.