Purchasing a commercial property could represent one of the, if not the, largest purchase your business will ever make. If makes sense to carry out as many checks as possible on its suitability and its structural integrity. One of the places a lot of people tend to overlook is the roof.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your building, and a damaged roof could end up costing you a huge amount in damage repair. Therefore, it is worth looking your roof over before you move in to make sure there it is structurally sound. Below is 5 key things to look for.

Water Marks

The most obvious sign that there is a fault in the roof is water damage on the walls on the upper floors/at the top. If left unchecked this can lead to damp and a whole lot of building work to clear it up.


An excess of the debris on the roof can create damage in a number of ways. Some debris can go on to create damp or rot with organisms eating away at the roofing materials. While larger physical debris can block the gutters. If nothing else, excessive debris is a sign of neglect.


The single most common problem with commercial premises is neglect of gutter cleaning. Most commercial roofs are vast areas with generally small gutters and outlets. It is very important  to keep the gutters clean as overflowing is very quick to occur if water cannot flow freely. Central gutters that overflow only flow into the building and not down the outside. Stock damage is inevitable. Summary: Keep the gutters maintained at least once a year.

If you spot any of the above issues then it is definitely worth contacting a professional roofer to take another look. Doing so, and having a proper evaluation, could have a serious effect on the potential value of the property, and also your decision to buy it or not.


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