Housing associations manage thousands of homes across several different areas. Any problems with these properties go through them, meaning they’re responsible for arranging repairs to multiple homes every day. Failure to get the job done can leave homes uninhabitable and the association liable to legal action.

That’s typically the case with roofing repairs, which are critical to a home’s habitability. With that in mind, it’s essential for housing associations to have roofing contractors they can trust to get the job done swiftly and properly. Read on to see how we helped Barnsley and Yorkshire Housing Association (LYHA) with one of their properties again.

A long-standing problem

LYHA contacted our team at the end of March about a problem with one of their properties on Stanley Terrace in Barnsley. The roof had been a problem for some time, despite numerous contractors trying to resolve it.

Unfortunately, because of its recurrence, the roof and internal ceiling had become a major complaint by the tenant. In short, it may have gone to court if not resolved soon.

Inspecting the damage

On a survey, our team discovered the true extent of the problem – which had been made worse by other contractors failing to eliminate the problem. We had to remove a section of the internal ceiling below the leak to try and locate its source, which was on the border with the neighbouring property.

We also carried out a close inspection of the roof coverings. Essentially, the roof was poorly covered where the dormer protruded out. Over time, this had allowed a lot of water into the property’s internal structure causing visible damp and decay internally.

Essential repairs

To rectify the issue, our team carried out essential roof repairs. We made sure the roof was properly covered to keep out rainwater and eliminate the root of the cause. Rather than using temporary measures as the other contractors appear to have done, we stripped out the roof and added new felt and lead works.

Following this, we relayed the roof covering to ensure the property was protected from the elements in the future. Our team then repaired the internal damage including removal of old waste from previous works. The result was a happy tenant and peace of mind for the housing association. Importantly, we made sure to keep photographic evidence for the client throughout the survey and the job.

Don’t compromise on roofing

Whether you’re a housing association or a homeowner, DPR Roofing in Barnsley provides expert roofing services you can trust. As with this job for LYHA, we go above and beyond the work of other contractors to provide a long-lasting solution for your property. In the long run, that means no more money wasted on temporary fixes and short-sighted repairs.

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