Another Successful Roof Repair for Barnsley Roofer

DPR Roofing Barnsley were contacted by a customer in Doncaster recently when they discovered a leak in one of their upstairs bedrooms. A roofer from DPR attended the property to carry out a detailed inspection and establish the cause.

The resulting roof repair project involved DPR roofers erecting access equipment at the property and removing damaged Hardrow slates which were causing the water penetration. These were replaced with god quality new Hardrow slates using code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings. DPR also refixed any existing dislodged slates and cleaned down all heavy moss which had built up in the joints.

To complete the project DPR raked out all of the defective ridge pointing and repointed back to good using roofing grade mortar.

If you would like to discuss any roofing problems, or are concerned about a roof repair, contact DPR Roofing Barnsley on 01226 670008.

Commercial Roof Repairs Required Following Lead Theft

DPR Roofing Barnsley were contact recently by a commercial customer following the theft of lead from the roof of their Rotherham premises. The roof structure suffered severe damage during the incident which left the premises and its contents open to damage from any rain water.

After carrying out a full inspection of the affected roof area DPR’s roofers suggested various roof repair options to the customer. Following DPR’s advice the customer opted to replace the damaged lead roof with a superior fibreglass roof which came with a 20 year guarantee.

Before DPR could install this new roofing system they had to remove all of the remnants of lead sheet and strip the roof of the mopstick rails and de-nail all of the decking. Roofers then fit new tongued and grooved 0SB3 Sterling roof decking boards in full to all areas, fit bespoke pre-made fibreglass trims to the roof perimeter and applied a new resin coat and fibreglass matting to all junctions of such. They then cleaned down the roof decking of all dust and applied a laminate resin coat in conjunction with high quality fibre glass matting to extend to bind in with the pre-fitted trims. Finally a specially formulated coloured topcoat was applied to all the roof area and trims to make a seamless watertight seal.

DPR Roofing in Barnsley offer a comprehensive roof repair service to both commercial and domestic customers. To discuss your roofing needs contact us today on 01226 670008.

Ridge Line Repair for Barnsley Roofers

DPR were recently called out to inspect the roof of a property in Conisbrough, Doncaster. Upon inspection the roof was found to have defective valley and verge pointing to all elevations and the majority of the roofs ridge tiles were loose. These defects not only have the potential to allow water penetration into the property but also carry the risk of a ridge tile becoming dislodged and causing damage to surrounding property or vehicles.

In order to repair ridge tiles the roofers lifted and removed all of the original mortar beds to the ridge tiles and refit the lifted ridge tiles to a roofing grade mortar and pointed off.

The roofers then raked out all of the loose and defective pointing on the verges and the valleys applied an SBR bonding compound and repointed in a quality roofing grade mortar.

DPR Roofers called out to Repair Storm Damage

DPR’s roofers were called out to a property in Penistone, near Barnsley recently following a report of damage to the roof of the property following high winds and stormy weather.

After carrying out a full detailed survey the roofers discovered that damage had been caused to the lead flashings of the dormer roof and slates had been damaged and dislodged.

The project involved stripping out of the damaged lead flashings and supplying and fitting new quality code four lead flashing. This was sealed in a specialist lead mate compound in preference to mortar as mortar has a tendency to crack which is caused by the differential thermal movement of mortar and lead.

Finally DPR removed and replaced the damaged and missing slates to the top left hand corner of the dormer roof area using quality second hand slates and code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings.

DPR Carry Out Roofing Repairs Following Storm

DPR Roofing have recently completed a project in Dodworth, Barnsley which involved repair to roofing that had been damaged due to strong winds and stormy weather.

The storm had caused damage to the ridge tiles of the roof which is a fairly common roofing problem during high winds. The project involved lifting and setting aside of the lifted ridge tiles, cleaning back the original mortar bed and the rebedding of the ridge tiles on a new mortar bed.

Additional DPR Roofing raked out the remainder of the loose and defective ridge pointing which was caused by severe wind uplift and repointed all areas using a quality roofing grade mortar.

DPR Replace Commercial Flat Roof in Barnsley

DPR have completed a commercial roof repair to a flat roof on the rear single storey outshot of H Samuels store in Barnsley. They were called out to the shop after a leak was discovered in the rear of the building. After a full site survey, completed by DPR, they discovered that the existing flat roof cover was defective and needed to be replaced. After initial clearing and cleaning down of the roof surface the project involved applying a quality primer solution, fitting 2 layers of a polyester based torch on felt system and a final glass fibre resin compound coating. This would ensure water tightness to the roof. Due to security measures at the premises DPR were required to erect a scaffolding tower for access to the roof.

Torch on felt is a very durable flat roof waterproofing system which not only looks good but has a good life expectancy. The membrane has a covering which is heated with a gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while still hot. This results in an exceptionally secure bond. The polyester material means the felt can stretch which allows for the forces of expansion and contraction put on it throughout the year.

DPR Bring Air of Confidence to Monk Bretton Customer

DPR recently completed a project on a roof in Monk Bretton, near Barnsley. They were contacted by a customer requesting a new ventilation cowl to their existing chimney pot. A cowl is used to provide good ventilation and also gives added protection against wind and rain entry. They can also prohibit any animal entering the chimney whilst maintaining flue efficiency. DPR supplied and fitted a DFE terracotta clay ventilation cowl specifically for a gas fire flue. A terracotta cowl was recommended as it should last longer than a standard cowl and was in keeping with the current chimney structure and therefore more aesthetically pleasing.

DPR Complete Barnsley Roof Project

DPR have recently completed a job on a property in Wombwell, Barnsley. They were contacted by a customer to inspect the roof after concerns that the roof was leaking. A full site survey was completed by DPR and it was discovered that the chimney lead flashings were damaged and the bonding gutter had become loose and defective causing water to penetrate the roof. The project included overhauling the chimney lead flashings and replacing them to ensure water tightness and removing the existing mortar fillet to the fibreglass bonding strip and repointing to ensure a water tight seal.

A fibreglass bonding gutter is usually installed at a join in the roof with a neighbouring property. The two different sets of tiles should have a bonding gutter between them with a mortar bond. The works were required to ensure that this roof remained waterproof and weather proof.

DPR Repair Snow Damaged Roofs

DPR have seen an increase in calls to repair damaged roofs after the cold weather arrived early. This increase looks set to continue with the met office issuing further weather warnings.

Homes and business throughout Yorkshire have been affected after the recent snow falls and DPR have been on hand to respond to these problems.

Darren Rickett, MD of DPR said “The impact of the snow and ice causes collapsed gutters, the loss of roof tiles and slates and even structural problems. Our reputation for a quick and responsive service, ensures that DPR Roofing are a first choice for many as the cold weather continues”

DPR Roofing Helps Yorkshire Homes!

DPR Roofing were called into action during November as South and West Yorkshire were hit with severe winds and torrential rain.

As gusts reached 100mph, aircraft had to be diverted from Leeds-Bradford airport where high winds caused havoc for some incoming flights.

Barnsley, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Leeds were all affected by the severe winds with many homes affected due to storm damage.

"Wind damage to roof tiles and damage caused by loose tiles is a common occurrence during storms," Darren Rickett, Managing Director of DPR, commented.

"Our reputation for providing high quality roof repairs across Yorkshire, together with a quick and responsive service, ensured that DPR Roofing were extremely busy during the storm aftermath."